Sonic wonders

Sonic Wonders a guide book to our Sound World. Browse a normal travel guide and you’ll read detailed descriptions of wonderful places to visit and enjoyable experiences to have. Modern lives are dominated by what we see, and so normal travel guides describe beautiful vistas, eye-catching art and iconic architecture. But the sounds of many places we visit are part of the experience. And in some cases, what we hear is more important than what we see. Increasingly, people are going to capture the World’s sonic wonders, whether deliberately by recording what they hear on a mobile phone, or almost by accident, as the soundtrack on a video recording.

This website wants to identify places with unique sound characters and encourage people to become sonic tourists.

Sonic Wonders is Authored by Trevor Cox, Professor of Acoustic Engineering at the University of Salford and radio broadcaster. He also authors The Sound Blog where he writes about other stuff in acoustics and audio that he find interesting.

The website has now inspired a popular science book published in early 2014.

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