311 Noise

This map visualizes 7919 noise complaints recorded by Chicago’s 311 service between 2010 – 2013.

Chicago is full of noise, and we have learned to live with most of it. This map shows the noise that we consider to be out of the ordinary or unpleasant enough to try to stop. The noise complaints are categorized into human and machine noises. In our categorization, whether the noise is human or machine is determined by a list of keywords mined from the original complaint text.

Human noise are determined by the keywords “music”, “party”, “talking”, “live band”,”band”, “drums”,”perfomers”,”drummers”,”tavern”,”saxophone”, “speaker”, “drumming”, “musi”,”athletic”,”concerts”,”concert”,”church”,”events”,”entertainment”, “church services”, “restaurant”, “scavenger”, “bar”.

Machine noise is deterimined by the keywords “compressor”,”air condition”,”heavy”,”fans”,”garbage”,”refrigeration”,”welding”,”whining”,”high pitch”,”repair”,”rehab”,”drywall”,”traffic”,”masonry”,”concrete”,”furnance”,”pvc”,”boiler”,”rattle”,”vehicles”,”pipes”,”electronics”,”hardware”,”before ordinance hours”,”laundry”,”body shop”,”pressure”,”demolition”,”beeping”,”garage”,”construciton”,”system”,”filter”,”gate”,”buses”,”transit”,”idling”,”cars”,”motor”,”work after”,”engine”,”humming”,”trains”,”construction”,”explosion”,”const”,”const site”,”hammering”,”cutting”,”generator”,”supervisor”,”roof unit”,”crushing”, “facility”,”car wash”,”engineer”,”air conditioner”,”delivery”,”foreman”,”constuction”,”mechanical”, “truck”,”manager”,”construction”, “equipment”,”heating”,”plant”,” fan “, “a/c”,”machinery”, “machine”, “fork lift”, “const.”, “workers”, “contractor”, “industrial”, “alarm”, “exhaust fan”, “loading”, “exhaust”,”hvac”] .

For Chicago as a whole, the noise that generates complaints are 9.4% Human and 80.1% Machine and 10.5 uncategorized.

Machine noise often indicates construction, and these occur at a high concentration in downtown Chicago


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