Open Sound New Orleans

Open Sound New Orleans is a community media project that invites and enables New Orleanians to document their lives in sound. You can participate by recording, or making recording requests for, the important sounds and voices in your life and adding them to the soundmap. In order to facilitate a diversity of direct dispatches from around our city, we lend recording equipment – and offer training in its use – to community organizations, neighborhood groups and individuals. Contributed recordings can be shared, reused and adapted by others (please refer to our license for additional information).

Our intent is to make more accessible the authentic, unedited sounds and voices of New Orleans. Sharing the sounds of our city as we hear them, move through them, and create them, is an act of celebration. But it also serves each contributor – you and me and anyone else who might participate – as a simple way to extend our own experience to others, harness our representations and those of our city, and participate in New Orleans’ public culture with intentionality.

Project Directors
Heather Booth & Jacob Brancasi

Contact us

Open Sound New Orleans

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