Listen to Africa

The Listen to Africa expedition is a two year journey by bicycle to record some of the sounds of Africa – from oral histories and music to soundscapes and wildlife; recording and publishing sound seems an appropriate way to communicate from a continent that has so much to say and is so rarely heard outside of its own borders.

While we have no fixed ideas about the subject matter, the Listen to Africa website will inevitably reflect the interests of the team: human rights and humanitarian welfare, wildlife and environmental protection, music and citizen journalism. We are also keen to work with African people and groups along the way, especially in local and community radio, podcasting and blogging. If you work in these areas, and if you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Listen to Africa isn’t a charity; the expedition will be self funded, partly through commissions. Nor are we raising money for charity. We will though be visiting people and grassroots projects working for change across the continent and we’ll provide contact details for those that accept donations, in case you feel inspired to donate.

Whenever we have access to electricity and the internet, we will be updating theaudio, gallery and blog sections of the website. Because this is a bicycle expedition, we may be out of communication for long periods of time, but we will be updating our location by SMS along the way; you can follow the journey on the map.


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