Canberra Noise Annoyances

Either Canberra is getting noisier, or more of us are fed up with it.

Noise complaints have exploded across Canberra, new figures reveal.

Close to 1300 noise complaints were made across the city last year, about 45 per cent more than the previous year – and 2015’s rowdiest suburb barely warranted a mention the year before.

Data compiled by Access Canberra revealed Kingston as Canberra’s most-grumbled-about suburb in 2015.

Canberra’s oldest and most densely populated suburb attracted 80 noise complaints, 64 of which related to amplified music.

Kingston Barton Residents Group president Rebecca Scouller said the increase in noise was primarily due to to urban infill.

“With increased development, particularly apartments and multi-use developments it is only natural that some parts of Kingston are noisier,” she said.


Canberra Noise Annoyance

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