Global Noise Pollution Map

Visualization of noise pollution for the entire world based on top of OSM data. Search for your city and check for the noisy places. Using global street, landuse and building data from OpenStreetMap we can approximate where noise pollution might happen. We use a very simple noise model inspired by noise pollution concept of Cities Skylines (sic).

How does it work?

Check out the GitHub repository for the code and styles. You can download the vector tiles from GitHub as well.
In the model we add a buffer to noisy objects. This is the area that is probably affected by noise. Very noisy objects get a high buffer and less noisy objects a smaller buffer.
In order for this to work we make several assumptions:

  • Highways, trunks, primary and secondary roads are noisy, normal street or service roads are not.
  • Railways are noisy.
  • Retail and industrial zones always have a noise base limit.
  • All shops and food places (especially restaurants) are noisy.
  • Most party and event buildings are noisy (except some shady places).
  • Most leisure buildings are noisy.
  • Some sport buildings are noisy.
  • Some tourism buildings are noisy.

For OSM features that match these criterias we assign a buffer and remove the overlapping parts (otherwise the vector tile size would explode). This results in a simple approximation of noise pollution for cool data visualizations.

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