CityField Recordings

cityfieldrecordings project is the Master in Digital Postproduction of Audio’s Final Work, from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The project has been developed at CREAMA (Center for Research in Electro-Acoustic Music and Audio), from the New Media Music Studios at Hanyang University, in Seoul, South Korea.

Field recordings are made at several locations in different cities. Audios from the different field recordings are cataloged in a sound library, firstly by cities and secondly by the type of sound that has been recorded in each recording. Due to the geolocalization of the field recordings, a sound map has been created on every city where the recordings have been made. The field recordings are shown in their original locations. Through the combination of the field recordings, the sound maps and dates when the recordings are made, a considerable sound documentation is developed in each city and it is used as the base for the study and observation through medium and long term of sound temporary development of cities.

cityfieldrecordings project sets the basis for the study of cities’ space-time sound identity through phonography.

September 2012


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